Noah’s Ark recognises poaching is driven by poverty so by addressing poverty the world can reduce poaching.
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Investing in Africa

The Noah’s Ark project will be investing £500m into selected communities which rely on animal poaching to survive. The money will be invested into business to create jobs and opportunity, upgrade public services and infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, roads and sanitation facilities; funds will pay for new social homes and improving living conditions. Two of the communities have been identified in South Africa by the project’s Communities Director, Polica Kgaugelo Sekhwela, from the north part of South Africa Limpopo Province.

The idea about investing in communities which need to rely on animal poaching for a source of income is to take away the need to poach by replacing it with exciting opportunities and improved living standards.  Instilling the “feel good factor” amongst people in communities, helping people realise dreams and aspirations will create a new era with a fresh vision which doesn’t include poaching. 

Polica says “Noah’s Ark will bring Africa together. This project is about healing the world, and humanity, it’s about solutions, prosperity and helping us, humanity, make better choices enabled because of new exciting opportunities”. “I am proud to be able to work in this role and deliver these wonderful projects to Africa and whilst we save our animals we will be uplifting ourselves at the same time; that is a remarkable thing and will make the world a better place”.

What the Experts Say

WWF reported in 2018 humans have wiped out 60% of Earth’s animals since 1970.


Stock and protect the animal species that have survived the brutal and selfish actions of the human race.


Noah's Ark will have Hotels, Entertainment Areas, Food Courts, an Aquarium, Water Parks and more!

Partners and Sponsors

A special thanks to Noah’s Ark corporate supporters which have made an idea turn into a working project!


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