The Mission Statement

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The Park’s first purpose is to:

  1. Stock and then protect the animal species that have survived the brutal and selfish actions of the human race.
  2. Immediately populate the Park with species on the endangered list and create effective breeding programmes to eliminate the likelihood of their extinction.
  3. To undertake strategic research aimed at increasing the population growth of endangered species until they are able to be removed from the endangered species list. These include:
    • Biological Threats (Disease & Exposure to man‐made Pollutants/biological contributors related to population deceases)
    • Predatory Threats (Animal)
    • Poaching Threats (Human)
  4. To create effective measures to eradicate all human related contributing factors to population decrease and to strategically introduce endangered species into the natural ecosystem of the park on a regular basis.
  5. To create nonprofit organisations tasked with the sole purpose of eradication of human influence on population decrease for each endangered species via:
    • Conducting research into the actual nutritional value and the superstitious value of consumption of each endangered species.
    • The understanding of cultural beliefs associated to Nations that are primarily associated with the eradication of particular species of the animal kingdom.
  6. To engage nations primarily associated with the eradication of a species via:
    • Scientific evidence and educational campaigns,
    • Legal enforcement via existing world organisations through lobbying and then,
  7. The subsequent establishment of international law for non‐ compliant demographic of predatory nations or groups.
  8. To install early age/development level awareness into future generations of the ecosystem that the human race shares with the animal kingdom; enlighten them around the senseless eradication of invaluable components of the planet earth eco system and to establish a firmly grasped understanding of consequences to themselves of missing components of the planet’s eco system.
  9. To create an experiential leisure based visitor park that reconnects the (current and future) adults and children with the waning animal kingdom and to grow the support base of the ‘everyman’ in the protection of a balanced eco system.

What the Experts Say

WWF reported in 2018 humans have wiped out 60% of Earth’s animals since 1970.


The Noah’s Ark project will be investing £500m into selected  associated with animal poaching.


Noah's Ark will have Hotels, Entertainment Areas, Food Courts, an Aquarium, Water Parks and more!

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